Welcome to Global Trident.

Global Trident (GT) is the premier intelligence provider dedicated to effecting positive social change. GT’s mission is to provide real-time information, due diligence, and insight that enable our clients to pursue social and economic justice.

Sometimes, what stands between a problem and a solution are missing bits of mission-critical information that is difficult, time-consuming and/or sensitive to obtain. GT excels at solving problems where information gaps exist, employing specialists who are adept at conducting in-depth primary research, sifting insights from available facts, and gathering tough-to-obtain intel—including sensitive and confidential data. GT performs its services with complete confidentiality, without disturbing the environment in which it operates.

What We Do

GT meets and exceeds our clients’ most rigorous information requirements by:

  • Deploying highly-trained teams of professionals with years of specialized experience.
  • Employing proprietary information-gathering techniques that are legal, discreet, and non-invasive.
  • Leveraging strong working relationships with local, state and federal organizations.

In executing this approach,

GT’s synergistic relationships with local, state, and federal organizations allow it to work as a force multiplier, producing positive impact that is greater than the sum of its parts. In the end, the insights provided by GT help organizations to be smarter, act faster, and achieve success as they pursue social and economic justice.